It must have happened to you at least once when the fire and passion of sex finish you are tired and with a pelvic or muscular pain which is quite annoying. What is this pain?

As you were on it you didn’t feel any inconvenience, but after the orgasm, a weird-like muscle cramp hits you in the pelvic region, along with a sensation of muscular pain in the area of your legs.

What is this after sex muscular pain?

These are some reasons:

  • Colon inflammation: Orgasmic contractions (vaginal and pelvic) force pressure into the colon which could cause inflammation for some time.
  • Tension on the muscular pelvic region: Since a lot of pressure concentrates in that area, muscular stress increases, even more, if you were some time in one sexual position. The groin muscles aren’t usually used on a daily basis.
  • Nervousness side effect: The pain and the pleasure go together in the same brain zone. Yet, you must not get confused with the pain caused by penetration (dyspareunia), since this kind of pain is not normal and they come from vaginal infections or inflammation.
  • Vaginal vault prolapse: If you aren’t lubricated well enough penetration intensity is likely to hurt your vagina.

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Everything will change if you pay attention to this, and if you practice the well-known Kegel exercises, to tone your pelvic floor, to ease muscular pain and coitus pain, and to create a greater orgasmic pleasure.