Nail polish removers always makes me dizzy. I don’t understand how we keep using a chemical so strong. The nail polish is nitrocellulose lacquer dye. And is dissolved in acetone, amyl nitrate, etc. thinner.

Formerly the Acetone polish remover were with a small amount of castor oil, in order to prevent the evaporation of the acetone left on the nail a board or white film.

Always look for a more natural nail polish remover

The Polish Remover based Orange Oil is a delicate product to remove any nail polish that does not contain acetone. Soft and harmless, is formulated with orange oil from controlled organic farming and organic spirit, providing a delightful citrus fragrance.

Look in any market for one that doesn’t contain acetone. Be sure to ask at the store if you can’t see one on the first shelf.

Always seeks to use natural products, especially when it comes to applying them in your body either on to skin or nails, hair or wherever it is, the natural way is always a better way.

So now you know, for more beautiful nails, don’t just use natural polishers but also natural nail polish remover. Leave me a comment telling me you do to remove nail polish.