Those who practice yoga know that stand upside down can disorient us. Our perception of the world changes: we can’t distinguish right from left, nor easily recognize the front or back of the body.

The same happens when you run with eyes closed positions, must do more when we use the view. We all know that the view facilitates, of course, the execution of any movement. We humans have a sense that enables us to be aware of our body and that allows us to move some of its parts, even at a time when we are limited: proprioception.

Many don’t know this word. It’s certainly not the most mentioned by people, but no meaning is still important. Proprioception is the sense that he “communicates” the body on the position of the muscles. It occurs automatically: happens when the brain receives information through receptors that are distributed throughout the body.

It’s an unconscious perception of the position of our body and what it is doing. Some say it is the ability we have to know our position when we remain with closed eyes.

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Practicing disciplines such as yoga or Pilates increases proprioception, since in both balance related exercises are extremely beneficial for this are made; thereby improving our coordination of movements, and prevent us from suffering knee and back problems. If what we want is to stay away from injuries and protect our “temple”, we must not forget this important sense work.

Erika De Paz