The World Health Organization, WHO, issued a statement calling on countries to increase cigarette taxes, in order to break the smoking habit that kills every 6 seconds one person in the world.

Despite this, one of the reasons why many people do not attempt to quit smoking is the fear of gaining weight.

Furthermore, anxiety about not having a cigarette in his hands or mouth makes recourse to food to relieve cravings. Therefore, look for satiating foods and sedatives.

What foods help me quit smoking?

Some foods enhance the flavor of snuff and invite smoking. It is the case of coffee, wine and meat. Therefore, we must try to avoid or reduce them while you quit.

However, others such as milk, vegetables and fruits make cigarette taste very bad, when shopping, go for skimmed milk for not increasing fats.

Take antioxidants

Foods such as broccoli, nuts like pistachios also pumpkin are rich in vitamin E which has been associated with improved cardiovascular remarkably when you stop smoking. They are excellent allies to prevent cancer. Prepared in a healthy way and taken moderately, in the case of nuts, can help with weight control.

Other foods that will help are

Celery, carrot, apple, all these foods are healthy and can help reduce the need to have something in your mouth and don’t get fat, eat organic, take plenty of fluids, exercise and avoid smoke and junk food.

Organizations are doing what’s possible to reduce death due to lung cancer for smoking so much, if you are planning to quit, now you have alternatives that will help you do so.