Looking for some Valentine’s day ideas?

I want to give you some tips to spice up your valentine’s a little more and hopefully not just valentine but your whole love life!

Sensual Valentine’s day ideas to spice up your intimate time

Try a new location

Sex on Valentine’s Day? Wow, how original. The solution doesn’t involve modifying the act; it involves modifying the location. If you’re a play-it-safe kind of person, then throwing your partner over the dinner table in a moment of passion will read out of character and will likely turn them on. Or try something a bit unexpected like the stairs.

Blindfold him or her

I recommend you blindfold your partner and present them with different scents, making them guess what each one is. Make one of them an actual perfume gift if it’s for a woman.

Along with the perfume, make them smell things like incense, flowers, oils, etc.

Buy lingerie

How original right? Well, guess what, men get crazy about this, they are very visual and if you buy some black see-through, lit some candles and surprise him after a long day at work, let’s say he won’t be tired anymore.

If you’re man, I know most of you find it difficult to buy their loved one lingerie, so you just don’t. But try harder and buy something that will make her feel sexier and you’ll enjoy it too.

Try these tips and you’ll see valentine’s in a whole different way from now on.