The appearance of these ulcers may be annoying due to various causes, which include consumption of hot foods like soups, tea and coffee, which are the main causes of these burns on the tongue. Also care should be taken with meals that contain ingredients particularly spicy.

Undoubtedly, cigarette consumption abuse contributes to the development of ulcers on the

Symptoms that identify the presence of these small wounds generally include a burning sensation present in scattered areas of it, some discomfort when speaking or eating and, in some cases the presence of small protrusions on the surface of the tongue that generally make its appearance a few days before the ulcer is present in its entire splendor.


tongue and mouth, as well as alcohol. Although you must also take into account the use of mouthwash with high alcohol content and lack of proper oral hygiene.

Why do we get tongue wounds and how to relieve them

In most cases, ulcers on the tongue have a white appearance and can appear as patches.

When it comes to make them disappear there are several treatment options and can be considered not only recommended by the specialist but also some actions that we can do on our own to supplement the treatment of ulcers and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Many professionals recommend consumming vitamin B complex and applying topical medicines on the ulcers.

Some of the actions we can take at home to try to lessen the discomfort caused by these tongue wounds (ulcers) are:

  • Application of glycerin in the affected areas.
  • Gargling with warm salt water.
  • Avoid eating hot foods and drinks for a while.
  • Get away for a time from spicy foods or high concentrations of salt to prevent a sharp pain.
  • Also avoid alcohol and cigarettes as both can deepen the effects of ulcers on the tongue.

While this is a condition that is not serious, it is very important to maintain controlled development of these ulcers and, if they don’t disappear in a considerable period of time, you will need to consult again with a professional to assess the situation as it can trigger the onset of cancer in extreme cases.