Today more and more firms are aware environment damage and decided to produce in new ways. Nowadays is not easy to find stores that sell eco friendly fabrics, but is just a matter of time because this change will benefit all of us, from the manufacturer, the stores and the consumer.
What are Eco Fabrics?

  • Naturally made.
  • The tissues are adapted to the skin.
  • Less allergic problems.
  • By using it respects the environment and the rights of producers
  • Extend the life cycle of clothing
  • They provide natural ventilation

Check for this hints to confirm its a ” Green Fabric”

  • Items should be treated with natural or organic dyes, no chemical or synthetic production.
  • You must obtain a certificate that guarantees that no pesticides were used, pesticides or insecticides.


  1. Mohair (animal fiber). Is goat hair is used for coats, dresses, blankets and carpets. It has very bright and is very resistant to the passage of time
  2. Cotton (plant fiber). is a pure form of cellulose, its use is textile. No cakes and lasts long, but shrinks if washed too hot
  3. Natural silk (animal fiber). Very fine thread and shiny, its use is textile
  4. Wool (animal fiber). Its use is textiles, is a good thermal insulator. If not treated properly tends to change its color (turns yellow) and cakes
  5. Alpaca (animal fiber). Fine soft fabric, heat it provides is five times greater than that of sheep wool
  6. Bamboo (plant fiber). Ideal for those sensitive to synthetics
  7. Hemp (plant fiber). Ideal for those who want handbags, backpacks, shoes, fabric is tough and very high quality. You can also find pants or shirts.

Adapted: enplenitud.com / books