Nothing angers a woman more than than a fingernail damage two days after applying nail polish (either in the salon or yourself).

When we go to hairdressers we hope that at least they last 5 days without any harm, and put the excuse “I just paint or put nail polish” to avoid having to wash the dishes (at least what you have said once) .

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If this has happened to you, welcome to the club! That’s why today I want to share with you 5 Steps to have a radiant manicure and nail polish will last more. The important thing is to have both good nail polish and don’t skip any steps.

Tricks to make your nail polish last longer

  • The first thing to do is wash your hands carefully, taking special attention to your nails. If you have a brush for hands, scrub your fingernails to avoid any dirt on them.
  • Apply a clear base to better fix the color and protect your nail enamel corrosive pigments.
  • It’s important to know paint your nails, because this is the biggest reason why descaran nails that easily. Of paint from the root to the ends with vertical movements. Don’t apply excessive and only applying nail polish once (then repeated for a second layer, if necessary, to achieve the desired color).
  • Note that your nail polish is in good condition. When they are sticky, lumpy or even seen the separation of oil – paintings, it is time to change the paint. One trick is to get your nail polish in a water bath to acquire a smooth texture, and last longer.Try it!
  • The last step is to apply gloss. There are glosses on the market that are sealants and rapid drying. Avoid glare gummy, and go for a quick and easy place shine. Just place it once.

It seems like the “usual” when you get a manicure, but it’s important to follow the steps exactly, and avoid activities immediately after paint your nails.

What do you do so they last longer?