It is proven the relationship between stress and emotions, food and weight. What makes you fat if you are leading a healthy lifestyle? Have you ever thought about it?

You go on a diet and the scale doesn’t move. It’s frustrating! Makes me want to run out and eat the first thing that crosses me and moodiness seizes me.

Everything that makes you fat and it’s not food

Think there may be other things that make you fat and you may have not considered them.


Fear of overeating

Many people don’t eat for fear of gaining weight, but this can be even worse, because the body needs food and in the end, if it doesn’t have it, will force you to eat, so you stay hungry at night, then get up for a small “snack” and when you least think if you’re eating just before bedtime.

Ideally, you need to know your level of calories and you can control how many calories you consume, this combined with exercise may help but stop eating.

Emotions make you fat

Every emotion works with a particular organ, releasing certain hormones that affect our body’s responses.

  • Fear: Works with the kidney so releases cortisone, which is the most fattening emotion. People who have a high tendency to accumulate fat or swell much fear inside almost everything.
  • Anxiety: The rush to finish your activities creates fatigue and therefore a rate of a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits that make you gain weight, especially if you try to calm anxiety with junk foods, sweets, and soft drinks, as decreases anxiety to produce serotonin.


According to experts, when our hormones (chemicals essential for growth, development or fertility) fall into a spiral of chaos lead to a change in body shape and weight.

Sometimes we think we gain more pounds because we get older and as this happens slowly, one does not realize that what we’re dragging is a health problem for years.

If you follow any treatment of estrogen or other medications that affect hormones, talk to your doctor to see if this is causing you to gain weight.