Rice is a versatile cereal, perfect companion for meals, a good cook knows that. In my opinion, rice is preferred to serve and create new dishes in Asian table is essential, we have proved even sweeter and not have it cause a lack of control in dynamic household power. Therefore, it occurred to me that – being as essential – we should think of the best way to to consume it, white or integral (brown)?

This grain has many benefits for your health as vitamins, minerals and proteins, improves nervous system and helps you feel satisfied,.

Do you know what is the best way to consume this cereal?

White rice has fewer calories, sodium, sugars, total fat and saturated brown rice and is easily digestible, but you wondered why the latter being recommended.

I’ll start by saying that the greatest benefit of the brown is the two times more fiber than white at its outer layer, which is responsible for cleaning the entire digestive system and provides more vitamins and minerals to your health, including preventing colon cancer. Another factor that will interest you to know is that the body is not absorbed as fast, so it provides satiety for longer without altering glucose, insulin and prevents the absorption of sugar, so it is highly recommended for diabetics or those with trend to allergies, while white is an increased risk of diabetes type 2.

My recomendation? Wash it and/or soak it before cooking and placed a portion of rice for three water to decrease its hardness and stick with the same texture than white rice.