Do you suffer from muscle pains? Use arnica

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Those muscle pains that are bothering you for some time can be relieved with arnica, a plant used since the Middle Ages to treat injuries, inflammation and muscle pains. Whether in oil, cream or gel, Arnica is an effective and natural way to improve your health.

Nature gives us everything we need. You doubt it? There is a plant called Arnica Montana, known for being an excellent natural anti-inflammatory recommended by doctors, herbalists and homeopaths. It's excellent to treat minor injuries, bruises, sprains, aches, swelling, problems related to bones, tendons or muscles.

The flowers of the plant contain essential oils, flavonoids, tannins, coumarins, phytosterols and alkaloids, which produces an antibacterial antiseptic healing anti-inflammatory effect, analgesic, and anti-fungal. It's often applied externally in problem areas.

These are the best properties of arnica to fight muscle pains

  • It's analgesic: Relieves sprains, bruises and other injuries
  • It's antiinflammatory: reduces swelling and bruising his helenalina compound.
  • It's antimicrobial: effectively fights minor skin irritations
  • Stimulates blood circulation: for its rubefacient power.
  • Acts as a muscle relaxant: applied as an infusion, as the infusion of lavender can relieve muscle tension (cervical and focused on the body) Hence relieving muscle pains

ave you ever used any remedy with arnica?

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