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Gluten Free Make Up

Gluten is not a protein itself, but rather a composite protein consisting of glutenin and gliadin proteins (wheat), secalin (on rye) and hordein (in barley), wh...


El gluten no es una proteína en sí, sino más bien un compuesto de proteínas, compuesto por las proteínas glutenina y gliadina (de trigo), secalina (en el centen...

Five facts about Sun Exposure:

It’s summer time and we know it’s time to take care of yourself. Your skin , your hair , your eyes, all your body is exposed to ultra violet rays . Sometimes t...

A Beauty Emergency Kit.

Have you ever feel like you need to put a little make up? Just powder your nose. I usually carry a little bag of a see thru fabric. For me it’s a beauty emergen...