Day after day cosmetics are safer and less aggressive for your skin and your eyes. But still, there are times when you apply make up, eyeshadow or eyeliner, that your eyes get irritated. In this area you must be extremely careful, for its specialty sensitivity.

Potential Problems

Itching or irritation, conjunctivitis and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) are the most direct consequences of an incorrect application of eye make-up products. Excess of makeup adeverse effects are not only annoying or uncomfortable, but also can result in infections. These infections and the use of inappropriate or aggressive cosmetics can cause the appearance of styes, eye redness or tearing.

The Solution

When buying cosmetics, we must be aware that we apply this products directly to the skin and eye contour and, therefore,  we should ensure that all controls have been established and its components are not harmful to health.

Beware of Expiration Date

It is important not to use products after twelve months of its opening, as the makeup also has an expiration date. When applying makeup we must also take into account basic hygiene habits and keeping clean the tools you use to apply makeup or avoid a common habit: sharing makeup and application elements.