I know the first thing you think when you hear about this product, but after the explanation, you should consider it.

Mealworm flour is an organic food supplement with a high natural balance of nutrients perfect for our food. Its manufacture is a delicate process of sacrifice, washed, dried and ground to give a yellowish powder to the final product.

Have you ever heard of mealworm flour?

This product also possess a high level of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, it also slows aging, relieves fatigue, helps form collagen, regenerates the epidermis and hair, among many other benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing.

 Studies indicate:

Thanks to an investigation of the Autonomous University of Chapingo in Mexico, it was established that mealworm flour is recommended for children and adults seeking to include protein into their diet, especially in cases of malnutrition, injury or muscle deficiencies.

In this study, evaluations were made of bread, crackers and tortillas tasted by students, who stated that the product has a rich and pleasant flavor, and although it has a slight fishy smell it disappears after cooking is done.

In the cooking process, the flour loses properties but with its high protein content it is likely to be offset.

Mealworm flour is different from your accustomed food, but its benefits and contributions to our body, makes it the perfect candidate for integration into our day to day.

Perhaps, after all, earthworms and girls can be friends.