If you have a diet low in fiber, low in liquids, suffer from stress and are sedentary… I’m sure you suffer from constipation; an annoying disorder that you can easily avoid with detox smoothies.

Most fruits have natural fiber that can benefit you naturally, being pleasant to drink these detoxifying juices and also promoting intestinal transit without resorting to chemicals.

In addition, these smoothies contain vitamins and minerals that will bring great benefits to your health, avoiding sugars and others sweets.

Take these shakes throughout the day, maximum 3 days until you feel comfortable, and enjoy all the benefits they offer to help fight constipation.

3 Smoothies rich in fiber to fight constipation

Kefir and prunes smoothie

Kefir is a kind of fermented yogurt; it has the same benefits of yogurt, helping to improve digestion and improve the intestinal flora. Prunes, as well as having calcium, have large amounts of fiber.

Preparation: Mix both ingredients in equal parts. Consume preferably cold. If you want a smoother texture adds water and a drizzle of honey.

Oatmeal and dates smoothie

Oatmeal is well known for its large amount of fiber, which improves intestinal transit. Dates, like most nuts contain large amounts of natural fiber.

Preparation: You can use a tablespoon of oatmeal in, soaked in hot water, then you’ll liquefy with a handful of dates.

Apple and kiwi smoothie

The apple can be used in antagonistic ways, either to stop diarrhea or to improve constipation. The secret is in the apple skin which contains the most fiber. If you make this smoothie, buy pesticide-free organic apples. Kiwi is also a fruit that helps cleanse the body naturally.

Preparation: Cook the apple until soft. Mix 1 cup water, 1 apple, 1 kiwi complete. Sweetened with a little honey.

So now you know, if you want to fight constipation, these 3 smoothies rich in fiber are for you!