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detox de verano

3 Delicious summer detox baths to relax

LEER EN ESPAÑOL Summer is here, and to enjoy  it, I want to give you 3 delicious detox baths inspired by the colors and flavors of summer. Pamper your skin a...

5 Amazing benefits of ice massage on your skin

LEER EN ESPAÑOL Have you ever heard that ice is fantastic for your skin? It might seem a torture that something so cold touches our delicate skin, but perhap...

Benefits of taking a nap!

I have family in Spain and Italy. One thing that always strikes me is seeing how each of them in the afternoon takes a nap. A privilege that ordinary Americans ...

A Beauty Emergency Kit.

Have you ever feel like you need to put a little make up? Just powder your nose. I usually carry a little bag of a see thru fabric. For me it’s a beauty emergen...

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