Making the decision to love yourself only takes a conscious choice of dating who you truthfully are. Creating the right intimate relationship with ourselves is the ultimate decision to take.

Sometimes our subconscious mind hears old sayings like, “you are so dumb”, “you don’t know anything”, “you are so…”

Let’s recall those words from family, friends or classmates that we accepted without having the power to stop them on time and maybe those words still sabotaging our present-

What about taking the time to stop those thoughts?

What about taking the time to accept that whatever you have discovered that you love, you can love it and that is a perfect personal choice?

What about taking the time to seat down in front of the ocean and feel the peaceful breeze?

dating yourselfTaking the time to love ourselves, it’s extremely important for learning what we really like, want and desire for our lives. Many relationships don’t work because we realized too late that we really did not like the other person’s personality, values or lifestyle. Many times, we are pretending when we truly should be living truthfully within ourselves. All kind personal relationships mistakes could be happening because of the type of relationship we are having with ourselves. It is about taking time to know ourselves inside out. It´s about dating yourself.

Oscar Wilde wrote:

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”.

Let’s stop the self-criticism and let’s start understanding our choices and even better let’s start taking choices to empower our self-knowledge! Here are some tips:

1) Laugh about yourself and be kind to yourself: By being positive you support your journey.

2) Give high five to your efforts: You made it, you worked hard for your desires- let’s count them as blessings and be grateful for all you have done!

3) Don’t worry- that is meditating with fear. Let’s have positive faith in you. Tell those old voices -that whatever they said- it’s not true!

4) Trust your capacity of learning, your capacity of creating and your capacity of overcoming. You are not only a survivor but a powerful being.

5) Let’s believe in us! Let’s forgive our past and let’s start with fresh love and kindness to ourselves.

6) Walk in truth, speak in truth and be truthful to yourself, your feelings, your fears and your desires. Any healing process takes time for accepting the truth- better walk in truth than face facts later.

7) Self- growth it’s the ultimate choice. Choose power- choose knowledge-grace and faith!

8) Claim aloud positive words to yourself and to others. Don’t let negative words affect you, stop those on time.

9) Nurture your body, your dreams and your lifestyle with love and kindness.

10) Taking care of your mental and peaceful mind and heart it’s as important as your spirit and as important as your body.

11) Listen to your heart!

12) Take time for yourself!

Blog entry is a collaboration of Gina Suzanne Resto-Webb: The writer of Spiritual Health was born in Costa Rica. Started acting in TV commercials when she was only 10 years old and since then have been studying acting. For the last 25 years of his artistic life has been living between New York, Miami and Costa Rica acting for different productions.  She is working on her third Master’s degree for Educational Theater.