Start the New Year renewed outside and inside. With this ritual you’ll cleanse and balance the energy of your chakras. And, Why is it important to balance your chakras? Because the chakras are energy transmitters in the body and are deeply tied to your health and wellbeing.

The new year always brings new opportunities for you to accomplish your goals and achieve happiness can achieve along the way. With the chakras absorb the energy that is around us and head towards the body. If your energy is contaminated then you will attract bad things for you. This is why it is important to clean and purify these points of your body and your aura.

The chakras have powerful influence in all that we are. Chakras directly affect all systems, including the endocrine (ductless glands like the thyroid, pineal, etc), they influence our body functioning, mental balance and emotional integrity. Each chakra has a specific and dual function in the body.

With this ritual eliminate the negative energy and you can balance both which comes from within as you externalize. Balance your aura and your chakras by following these steps:


  • Lotus, sandalwood or church incense
  • Amethyst polished stone (not raw)
  • A white candle
  • rosewater (explained in the ritual)

Ritual preparation

For the rose water you should drink some mineral water or spring water, and place many petals of red or pink rose. Let the mixture with a little coarse salt and a few drops of honey for at least 24 hours. Now, you follow the next steps of the ritual, each one representing an element:

Fire purification

Keep the white candle lit throughout the ritual.

Air purification with incense

Light the incense and pass the smoke from all over your body while you concentrate on the energy that runs through you. Your magnetic field surrounding your body, so you must not stop anywhere in the body without receiving incense smoke at least 1 inch away from the skin. Start at the bottom of the feet to the head. When finished leaves lit incense at your side for the duration of the ritual.

Purification of land with amethyst

Rub all parts of your body like a bath soap. At the end amethyst rests beside the incense.

Purification of water with rose water

Wet all parts of your body, including the head, and dry off the air (no towels). It ensures that there is a warm space where you can dry off without getting cold.

When you finish the ritual turn off the incense and candle, and your aura is clean with well balanced chakras. Ready for the new year?