If you are like me, who like to sunbathe as an iguana when you’re on the beach, you should stop and think: Will it be good all the sun we are taking? Imagine being on the beach and know how long you’ve been under the exposure of sunlight, to spare burns. Now it’s possible with the new bracelets “SmartSun” that help you protect your skin properly.

They have a mechanism of colors that are giving you information that you have exposure to the sun. For example, bracelets become pink when we have reached the daily limit of UV radiation.

Bracelets mostly have a yellow color as default, when you put toasted remember to put yourself sunscreen or skin rest a while in the pink.

These bracelets are perfect to go to the beach or a pool, as they are waterproof. The recommendation is that whenever you load as in the city we are also exposed to the sun, even when you exercise.

This innovation is an excellent recommendation from dermatologists and people in charge of the care of our skin, it creates awareness that we must take preventive measures of our prolonged sun exposure. This might lower rates of skin cancer and better care for our skin.

What do you think ? Will you use it?