Grow Your Nails With These Supplements

Grow Your Nails


Girls like to have beautiful hands whether with long or short nails, but healthy and well taken care of! If you're one of those who love having beautiful and strong nails, I'm sure you've tried any home remedy to grow your nails and you probably still looking for that perfect tip, well, I got good news, these supplements are for you!

As nails are made of keratin proteins, let's understand that everything in our body comes from what we eat. First of all check your eating habits and include in your diet foods that contain any of the vitamins and minerals that I'll mention to you, also, under medical supervision consume some capsules or pills:

  • Vitamin H or Biotin deficiency can cause poor and brittle nails, especially after illness or when taking many medications.
  • Vitamin C helps our body in the manufacture of collagen, the lack of it slows down the nail growth process.
  • Iron: this mineral is responsible for producing cells in our body and its deficiency can cause concave and brittle nails.
  • Zinc works with the growth and development of the nails.
  • Calcium: although its use is more related to bones, nails also need to be strengthened.
  • Silicon: gives firmness and strength to nails.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: Gives them brightness and flexibility.
  • Other supplements: You can also include Vitamin A, B and D.


8 Manicure trends you don't want to miss

8 Manicure trends you don't want to miss


I must admit it … For me, having my nails and hands all fixed up is something completely mandatory at all times. Whether I managed to do it myself, or go to a special place, they should always look impeccable. I love manicure trends.

Hands are our cover letter and cause an important first impression to people who see them.

Now … Beyond having them always manicured, there are creative ways to nail polish and like all fashion, our hands are not safe from manicure trends. Innovation came to the manicure, and makes there are always more creative ways to show off our nails.

8 Manicure trends you don't want to miss


1. Coffin Nails 

This is the design of the moment, they're called Coffin Nails because of their elongated and square in the tip. This short version is my favorite, and is completely in fashion.



2. A minimalist touch

The typical “little french” became a geometric game a bit hipster, but that gives it a touch of design without being excessive or something dramatic. This trend will be somewhat prevalent in spring and summer.


3. Oily style

We are in an era where the metallic colors are mixed to give sensations. This style is strange … but with dark colors it looks pretty good. What do you think?


4. The nudes

One of the manicure trends of 2015 will continue for a while. Hands are pretty neat and elegant. For me, a must of the season.


5. A little 3D

I'm not a big fan of jewelry nail, but the proposal for Spring 2016 is so subtle that might look good in any kind of nails, especially in the wide base.




6. Mate with a touch of brightness

The Frenchie innovates again with this style. Matte nails are fashionable, and you can put a spin brightness to be different from the rest. What do you think these manicure trends so far?



7. Metallic like precious stones

Metallic colors are here to stay. But they are not common metal, because your nails should look as subtle as possible with light-colored pearlescent colors.



8. Short and round

This is a convenient way to have your nails free of scratches and less prone to breakage. These nails are a must this season.

What do you think these manicure trends? You do try on? Let me know in the comments!


10 Tips to have beautiful and healthy nails



The condition of the nails is a reflection of what happens inside the body. To keep them in good condition, it should follow a balanced diet, rich in vitamin A and B, calcium and silicon.

We women paint our nails at least once a week. Men though they are not suffering from ingrown toenails painted and sometimes fungi.

10 Tips to have beautiful and healthy nails

Today's our #PinkTuesday and I'm giving you 10 tips to keep healthy nails and looking good.

  1. Do not use aggressive or too laden polish remover with formaldehyde hardeners, drying our nails and are often the main cause of damage to the layers of keratin, natural protective our nails, leaving them without defense against disturbances and external aggression.
  2. The nail polish has to be rich in oily substances and contain no acetone, as it strikes the layer that protects healthy nails, dry cuticle and yellow fingers.
  3. Limit the use of nail polishes and removers.
  4. Apply moisturizers. Make it penetrate our nails through massage.
  5. If your nails show any pathology, then do not apply any beauty product. Worsen the picture.
  6. Protect your nails against alkalis and detergents using double plastic gloves lined with cotton. Chores are particularly aggressive for nails.
  7. Remove daily dirt that accumulates under your nails.
  8. Perfectly dry hands and nails after washing. The water damaged the main sheet and the cuticle, drying them out. In addition, moisture favors the development of infections.
  9. Preserve your nails from the sun and external aggressions such as extreme cold, rain and heat.
  10. Attention smokers. Tobacco is harmful to the health of your nails. Besides slow growth, a nutrition deficit to shrink blood vessels also causes unsightly alterations, such as yellowing of the same.

Follow these tips and you'll see how your nails will start looking more beautiful and healthier!


What Do Women Want For Christmas?



This pink Tuesday completely dedicated to Christmas, I would like to talk about an infographic I found surfing the Internet. These data are from the UK, but they are very interesting because they reflect the preferences of us women in terms of Christmas gifts and what they actually receive.

But first … Did you know that a good part of the family holiday budget is distributed between dinner, drinks and gifts for family and friends? Another thing I found was about how women buy and a number expressed fully realize online, from their offices. What do you think?

Well, now let's get down to it: 6 out of 10 women will receive a tablet or e-reader as a gift, one of the most popular present.

Shoes, lingerie, relaxing day at a spa, jewelry, romantic evenings, beautiful wallet (or purse), music; They are among the favorite gifts. Unfortunately, not all receive the gift they want, standing out among the most popular (and less desirable): anti-aging creams, teddy bears, chocolates and flowers.

And before saying goodbye for today, I share some tips that can help you search for that perfect gift for that special person:

  • Listen carefully to her comments.We always give hints of what we want as a gift!
  • Remember that we are special, beautiful and sexy.
  • Pay attention to the key moments of the relationship, there may be the perfect gift!


Tricks to make your nail polish last longer


Nothing angers a woman more than than a fingernail damage two days after applying nail polish (either in the salon or yourself).

When we go to hairdressers we hope that at least they last 5 days without any harm, and put the excuse “I just paint or put nail polish” to avoid having to wash the dishes (at least what you have said once) .

Click here to read about fragile nails

If this has happened to you, welcome to the club! That's why today I want to share with you 5 Steps to have a radiant manicure and nail polish will last more. The important thing is to have both good nail polish and don't skip any steps.

Tricks to make your nail polish last longer

  • The first thing to do is wash your hands carefully, taking special attention to your nails. If you have a brush for hands, scrub your fingernails to avoid any dirt on them.
  • Apply a clear base to better fix the color and protect your nail enamel corrosive pigments.
  • It's important to know paint your nails, because this is the biggest reason why descaran nails that easily. Of paint from the root to the ends with vertical movements. Don't apply excessive and only applying nail polish once (then repeated for a second layer, if necessary, to achieve the desired color).
  • Note that your nail polish is in good condition. When they are sticky, lumpy or even seen the separation of oil – paintings, it is time to change the paint. One trick is to get your nail polish in a water bath to acquire a smooth texture, and last longer.Try it!
  • The last step is to apply gloss. There are glosses on the market that are sealants and rapid drying. Avoid glare gummy, and go for a quick and easy place shine. Just place it once.

It seems like the “usual” when you get a manicure, but it's important to follow the steps exactly, and avoid activities immediately after paint your nails.

What do you do so they last longer?